What are SPIRIT GAME TEAMS?  Spirit Game Teams are cheerleading and kickline teams that support the GC Thunder Football program at select home games during the fall football season. Game Teams are open to youth in 2nd - 8th grades as of September 2024 who are interested in being part of team that will increase their commitment to cheerleading or kickline, raise community spirit and build confidence, athleticism and lasting friendships.  

Game Team Season 2024
Cheerleading and Kickline Teams for 2nd - 8th Grades as of 9/24

  • SUMMER PRACTICES   two nights a week on Tuesday and Wednesday nights starting the end of July and ending mid August.  Practice will be ONE HOUR and assigned between 5pm-7pm.  Team summer practice time will be communicated by late June.  

  • FALL PRACTICE  starts around September 5th and is ONE DAY a week through the end of October/beginning of November.  Fall weekday practice time is usually around 3:30 or 3:45 start time. Fall practice day will be decided in July.  See details below for more information about weekday practices.

  • SUNDAY GAMES start in September.  Spirit teams support HOME GAMES only so that means team are scheduled for 4 games over the season.  See Game Day Information below for more details.

  • Attendance at practices and games are mandatory with the exception of summer practices when we will allow athletes to miss 2 practices.  Spirit Game Teams are sports team that require every member of the team to be present in order to develop together, progress toegether and perform together.  

      • Cheer Teams for 2nd - 6th grades: Planning on two teams per grade and fall team practice will be determined by the directors based on coaches availability by late July. Team practice will be ONE DAY A WEEK on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The fall practice day is per team and must be attended on the specified day. 

      • Little Kickline for 2nd - 6th Grades:  Planning on two teams as determined by the directors.  Fall Team Practice on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and will be communicated by late July.
      • Kickline Senior for 7th & 8th Grade:  Planning on one combined team.  Fall Team practice on Sunday with an optional training day on Thursday. Middle school students 7th/8th grade can participate in a school sport in the fall and still be part of a Spirit kickline team

      • Football Games are on Sundays starting September 10th and start times range between 8:00-3:30. 
      • Spirit Game Teams support home games only and schedules will vary based on how the Thunder teams are scheduled. 
      • Cheer Teams: sideline cheer and perform at halftime at 4 home games during the season.  Cheer teams arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the game and stay until the game is over.  Sunday time commitment is usually between 1.5 hours - 2 hours.  
      • Kickline Teams: perform at halftime at 4-5 games during the season.  Kickline teams arrive at the start of the game and stretch and practice until halftime time performance. Kickline teams leave after halftime.  Sunday time commitment is usually 1 hour - 1.5 hours
      • IMPORTANT: The Thunder football game schedule becomes available only a few days before the season starts. The schedule comes from the Nassau Football League and is given to us as soon as the Thunder football directors receive it.  Once we receive the schedule from the league, Spirit directors make the master Spirit game team schedule and share it with our members.  This is a always a few days before the season starts. Please do not contact us about the Sunday schedule.  You will receive it within a day of us receiving it. 
      • The game team schedule for cheer and kickline is made at the discretion of the directors.  As a result game times vary and Spirit game teams do not always support their similar grade football team.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.  
Additional Game Team Information:
  • Game Team registration fee includes:  summer practices, weekly fall practices from mid September, October & early November, scheduled Sunday football games, a Spirit practice shirt, custom team choreography and custom cheer/kick music.  
  • Uniforms, shoes and poms are NOT included in the team registration fee.  Custom apparel will also be made available for optional purchase during the season.  
  • Cheer and kickline uniforms are the same style as the 2023 season.  We will have fitting(s) in April/May for all new members and any returning member who needs a new uniform.  
    • We welcome participants of all levels from beginners to experienced cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts.  Game Teams are divided by grade and by experience level as decided by GC Spirit Directors.  This policy is to ensure the safety of all of the girls.